A great tour for yours for your enjoyment

Here is a hike for experienced hikers well used to the mountains. We’ll swallow more than 1,000 vertical drop over a distance of 16 km. So don’t be afraid of the effort to take advantage of this great tour. Departing from Port de l’Hers (1517m), we will start with a steep climb on the slopes of Mont Ceint (2088m) with the Trois Seigneurs massif behind us. We will take advantage of the variety of a Natura 2000 classified site. We will walk on rocks (Lherzolite) emerging from the depths of the Earth’s mantle and observe the carnivorous plants of the Bernadouze bog.

Pic de l'Escalette
Pic de l'Escalette
Atelier de vitrail
Map-Mont Ceint
Profile-Mont Ceint


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