Arnauld D’Heeger

Mountain Leader

Arnauld D'Heeger
Tour de l'Oisan 1977
Tour de l'Oisan 1977
Lofoten 1994
Kiruna 1993
Pyrénées 2019

Born in 1968, I practiced hiking very early and, even during my career as engineer I always chose to live near the mountains.

In the 90s, during an expatriation in Swedish Lapland beyond the Arctic Circle, I was charmed by this often hostile but authentic, vast and generous nature. I discovered the physical and intellectual jubilation of orienteering, an iconic sport of Scandinavian nations. It was the beginning of a passion for maps of all kinds. I also discovered the polar winters, which, far from being depressing, offer fabulous opportunities to marvel under the northern lights.

Then I decided to pursue a career in aerospace in Cannes, a paradise for hikers in all seasons. It was the time of fatherhood and therefore the opportunity to initiate my children to the mountains of South East France. Under the blue sky of the French Riviera, the Esterel, the Audibergue, the Taneron and further on the Mercantour were the witnesses of my daughters’ first steps..

Since the 2000s, I have been in Toulouse, where I worked on Galileo, the European satellite positioning system, a kind of extension of my passion for space and maps. Our playground was therefore focused on the Pyrenees, which I have explored methodically for almost 20 years.

During all these years, I also spent a good part of my time discovering Corsica, the ultimate fusion of the mountains and the sea. That’s why I will also offer some escapades in the island of beauty.

I have now decided to share this passion for the mountains, their sensuality and their infinite wealth to be discovered. I am becoming a mountain leader. Because I have a curious mind, eager to understand and wonder, in addition to the “hiking-escape“, I propose “hiking-discoveries” and a some training courses.

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