Hikes in the Pyrenees and Occitania

I organize hikes within 2 to 3 hours’ drive around Toulouse or more generally in the Pyrenees and Occitanie (South West of France). Whether you are with children, single, a couple, active or retired, the key words are: fun, discovery, sharing and friendliness. From Toulouse and its surroundings, I drive you to the end of the valleys, guide you in the mountains and suggest accommodation.

I propose walks without physical difficulty and also some slightly more physical one day hikes. To go further and extend the wonder, I designed weekends and treks over several days. Beyond the hikes and its sensual pleasure, I invite you to discover my themed hikes also and hikes coupled with site visits.

It is important for me that, when you wish to join me in the mountains, you know in advance the difficulty to be expected . This is to maintain a good balance between pleasure and the effort you will have to face. I have devised walks and hikes for all levels, so I am sure you will find something perfectly suited to you. Therefore, each hike has a classification in physical, technical difficulty as well as a level of risk. The detailed meanings of the levels are explained here. Please have a look, and do not hesitate to contact me for any question here.

You may want to know a little bit more about my background and what a mountain leader is. You can find more information about me here, and do not hesitate to register my facebook page, my instagram account or linkedin.

Are you interested in taking part in hikes, excursions? Yes! Then have a look at the planning and rates here and contact me for more information here.