Extend the wonder

Staying in the mountains is first to experience twilight without worrying about returning home, to wake up in a peacefull nature. It is therefore an opportunity for more intimate contact with the environment proposed during these weekends and treks, here is a sample.

2 days:Saturday 6 July 2024 - Sunday 7 July 2024

Walking under the Ariège sky

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For this weekend, I invite you to combine walking and astronomy. What could be nicer to spend the night in the mountains and see the stars appearing without the worry of returning home. We will start from the small village of Montaillou where we will evoke its Cathar past so well described by historian Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie. We will walk quietly by paths and tracks without difficulty to reach our refuge in the clear sky. This is where I will show you the celestial voult, the constellations and their legends with the naked eye and through binoculars at night. The next day, we will close our loop passing through the Prades national forest.

2 days:Saturday 21 September 2024 - Sunday 22 September 2024

Mont Valier

FFRP Effort FFRP Technique FFRP Risque
Le Valier is the true lord of Ariège. He is certainly not the highest, but he is the most visible. Its silhouette stands out from the massif and is admired from everywhere as soon as you rise a little. We will do the classic loop with its waterfalls, lakes, summit and of course the Estagnous refuge.

3 days:Friday 18 October 2024 - Sunday 20 October 2024

Around Roman art

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I offer you a weekend around two gems of Romanesque art. The abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou and the priory of Serrabone. These two monuments will be the objectives of our walks in mountain vegetation with Mediterranean accents.

8 days:Sunday 16 March 2025 - Sunday 23 March 2025

Snoshoes in Lapland

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I propose you an encounter with a country that will surprise and seduce you, I am sure. The cold will be there, of course, but a dry cold that is often less hostile than the humid cold in our latitudes. Because it is well north of the polar circle that I am taking you to discover vast, white nature on snowshoes. Of course, in the evening we will look at the sky in the hope of admiring the northern lights which are common in this year of maximum solar activity.