A Mountain leader, what for?

In short, going with a mountain leader is a guarantee of safety, quality and pleasure !

Byeond helping you hike in safety, the Mountain leader is there especially to take you to places where you would never have been or show you things that you would never have seen. At least that’s my ambition! He can also facilitate your hike by helping with the organisation of your journey and by advising you on the nicest accomodation…

Here is a sample of the good reasons to choose a Mountain Leader:

  • Safety: Mountains are a preserved environment but they can be rather hostile. Hiking with a mountain leader is a garantee of security.
  • The right level of effort : the mountain leader knows how to rate hiking levels and adapt the journey to your profile and your wishes.
  • Wonder : By discovering nature, a good mountain leader will show you things you would not have noticed.
  • Reconaissance : the success of a journey is often based on recognising the path. Taking a mountain leader you have the garantee that he knows the path and therefore that he masters the journey.
  • Adaptability: Despite good preparation of the journey , nature is full of unexpected events (meteology, paths becoming impracticable). A mountain leader knows how to face unexpected obstables and find an alternative solution for you always to hike in safety while maintaining your pleasure.
  • Good plans : A mountain leader knows the hiking environment, therefore with him you will not pass by good local producers or craftsmen, without him proposing you a good plan.
  • Nice accomodation: : the same applies to bed & breakfast and mountain refuges. By continually exploring the region, the mountain leader will give the best advice.
  • Mastering logistics : Beyond hiking, one must organise car-pooling, food, etc…the mountain leader can organize it or at least advise.
  • Material advice: You hesitate about the backpack model, the shoes, the sticks: ask a guide, who is confronted with these choices every day.
  • Conviviality and group management: It is the job of the guide to create the conditions for conviviality. He takes responsibility for the group and the decisions to be taken to guarantee a safe return to the car park