Two 3000 for the price of one!

Ariège – Auzat

These two majestic peaks are kings far above the “3 seigneurs” since it is at more than 3000 meters that I invite you to climb. One week-end will not be too much to defeat them. The first day, we will go up to the refuge of the small pond of Pinet where we spend the night in a probably very Catalan atmosphere. “La Pique d’Estats” is one of the peaks that every Catalan must have done in his life. It is therefore not uncommon for the walls of the refuge to resonate with the song of the Catalans. It is the next day that we will climb the mineral slopes of the two peaks a few hundred meters apart. This weekend is for well-trained hikers:

Day 1: altitude difference + 1140m / -85m distance 5 Km

Day 2: altitude difference +1270 m / -2230m distance 15km.

Pic de l'Escalette
Pic de l'Escalette
Atelier de vitrail
Pique d'Estats
Refuge de Pinet


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