3 days of Hiking, 3 days of wonders !

The mountain welcomed us under its best day with an autumn sun that embellished the wonders of the Pyrenees National Park. The massive, mineral and imposing silhouette of the Midi Peak of Ossau was our permanent fascination. With its  2884 meters of altitude, it dominates a multitude of lakes, meadows and an astonishing geological variety, testimony of a tormented past. But the titanic tectonic and volcanic movements that shaped this grandiose landscape seemed frozen in a peacefull eternity for our greatest pleasure. Only the flow of the streams, the breath of a light breeze and the roaring cries of some jackdaws have come to break the silence of the rocks. The mountain was a particularly kind hostess who gave a little taste of extended holidays to this dreamy hiking.

Pic du Midi d'Ossau depuis le refuge d'Ayous
Lac de Roumassot
Au-Dessous d'Ayous
Refuge d'Ayous
Lac Casterau
Au-dessus de Pombie
Depuis le col de Suzon
Refuge d'Ayous
Refuge de Pombie

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