Some Neolithic remains exist in Cap Corse. This mysterious period when man changed his relationship with nature by inventing culture and breeding has left at least three sites in Cap Corse and its surroundings.

In Pinzu a Vergine, a few menhirs mark the pass. The monoliths give a mysterious aspect to this magnificent place from where you can see both seas.

In Grotta Scritta we can distinguish the remains of rock paintings (unique in Corsica). Several millennia contemplate us when we lift our eyes to this rock shelter well hidden in the “maquis”.

Finally in the Agriates desert, it is a Neolithic village and two dolmens in a remarkable state of conservation which are available to those who want to move away from the Cape. A local legend is associated with this easily accessible place after a walk without much interest.

Near the place called Casta lived the Orcu, a shepherd, giant, cyclops, with long hair. He lived there alone with his mother. This giant lived in a dolmen called Casa di u l’Orcu and his mother not far from there in Casa di l’Orca. He was very clever and it is said that he knew all that we could learn. He was very powerful and frightened the inhabitants of the village of Santu Petru di Tenda who decided to kill him. But he was difficult to catch so they had to lure the giant into a trap. There is a place near Bocca Pivanosa where the Lurcu used to come and drink water from a spring. At night, they put on a pair of shoes full of glue in order to capture him. The next morning, the Orcu came to drink and was trapped. They were about to kill him when the giant told them a secret to avoid death : how to make a special cheese (called Brocciu) with sheep’s milk. After revealing this secret to them, he was going to reveal another one: what to do with the rest of the milk after the Brocciu is finished. But the mother shouted in Corsican language: “Ùn palisà, chì tantu sì mortu” which means “Don’t tell them anything, because anyway, they will kill you”. They killed both the Orcu and his mother. They buried the Orcu near Bocca Pivanosa and the mother near Bocca Murellu. In both places one can find two ancient tombs.

Casa di l'Orcu
Casa di l'Orca
Pinzu a Vergine
Grotta Scrita


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