A moutain leader proposal in Occitania

September is devoted to the discovery of the Ariège summits. From the most modest to the most ambitious, there will be something for everyone. The approach steps will be delightfully embellished by the autumn colors and the freshness will help us to swallow significant altitude.

The days are getting shorter and night is falling earlier and earlier, so I renew the idea of ​​a hiking and astronomy weekend.

Saturday 5th of September 2020

Hike - Ariège – Mont Fourcat

Ariège – Mont Fourcat

A beautiful balcony on the Ariège Pyrenees

Rate : 30€ / person + ridesharing

Sunday 6th of September 2020

week-end 12-13 Septembre 2020

Week-end 19-20 septembre 2020

week-end : 26-27 september 2020

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