“hold-up” of autumn on the summer.

It is under a sun rarely masked that we made  our beautiful loop around the torrent of Bassiès. The climb to the first pond was quiet but regular to our picnic place at the edge of the pond, in the shade of some pines. Our little homogeneous group remained together  throughout the hike. Despite the climbing effort and the concentration of the descent, we had good moments of discussions on the beautiful profession of guide, the quotation of the hikes and shared on our travel experiences. Before returning to Toulouse, we enjoyed the beautiful terrace of the bistro of Vicdessos. This  beautiful hike was a little “hold-up” of autumn on the summer.

En montant vers Bassiès
Crocus à fleur nue
Etang de Bassiès
Etang de Bassiès
Etang de Bassiès
En descendant de Bassiès

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