This week, we took advantage from the mildness of the end of August to hike in the valley of Savignac-les-Ormeaux. After a steep climb in the forest, we reached the place of our dreams where we were lucky to find its wonderful hut welcoming, clean and unoccupied. The idea of a comfortable night and the risk of a thunderstorm conviced us to spend the night there. As we had a chat together on the terrace, an unusual noise was added to the bells of the nearby cow herd. It was a drone buzzing with its little green blinking light making it look like a UFO. The contrast with our bucolic environment was striking especially when we understood that it was an invisible and distant cowherd watching his herd. After two or three overflights over the herd, the machine came to greet us a few seconds and disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared. Here is a very peaceful use of a technology which certainly allows the pilot to spend a beautiful evening near his family while keeping an eye on his animals in altitude. The next day, we did not see the astonishing bird again and we ended our little journey under the spell of the Sarrat de Campalou and the Etang d’Embizon.


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