If you are traveling in the beautiful country of Sabarthes, in Haute-Ariège, you may have been intrigued by strange constructions perched on cliffs. These are fortified caves that served to mesh the territory of the “Comte de Foix”. From the top of these crenellated walls, eight centuries gazing at you. They do not have a population defensive function since they are located far from habitats. These are purely military works carried out by the “Comte de Foix” to ensure its power, not at the border of his domain but within the lands which he took control from the local lordships.

During our hikes dedicated to the Occitan cultural heritage, we will discover the most imposing fortified cave in terms of size and longevity of occupation. I invited an archaeologist historian who will reveal its secrets to us as she has for years excavated their privacy, sometimes accessible only by climbing vertiginous walls. But the 29th of January, we will not have to climb. We will enjoy a conference and a walk. If you are interested by this day, you will find more info here.


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